Sram PCX1 chain splitting

Edit: I bought a Park Tools gadget to split the chain in one second ! I don’t think it is very easy to split 11 speed chains by hand !

Trying to split my new 11 speed chain, with great difficulty…

I managed it by doing the following:

1) Hold the chain in your chain removal tool… effectively using the tool as a vice

Note the use of a small screwdriver to prevent any pressure on the pin.


Make sure that the end (left end in the picture) of the lock pin does not abut against the chain tool (move it higher to prevent this)

Maybe add a drop of oil into the holes of the lock pin…

Hold the link NEXT to the lock pin firmly keeping it horizontal, and move it forcefully to the left…

until it splits


don’t hold the lock pin link as this will prevent it moving


Persevere… !!

The big advantage of this is that you don’t need any special tools apart from what you are carrying anyway (chain removal tool)

ps – be careful not to tighten the chain tool too much as you will end up with a stiff link !


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