The Deregulation Bill

HouseOfLords DeregulationBill

Dear Lady Masham

The Deregulation Bill

I believe that you will be debating amendments to the above bill, next Tuesday 28th October. The problem of recreational vehicles on unsealed ways – green lanes, is to be discussed.

I hope you can attend the debate and support the amendment.

There are I believe about 3000 miles of ‘Unsealed Unclassified County Roads’ (UUCRs) in England.. Being ‘unclassified’ means that 4X4 and motorbike users can use them without being prosecuted.

This situation needs to change:

  • Our green and pleasant land is under threat as never before. Surely we need to preserve these areas for all to enjoy, without the pollution and noise, and severe damage that results when used by motorised vehicles.
  • We all have to endure sitting in traffic for long periods – our roads are heavily congested – we need our green and pleasant places to be preserved as a haven of peace, well away from the ‘internal combustion engine’. withs its noise and pollution, and churning up the ground in some cases quagmires feet deep.

There are also many green lanes classified as ‘Byways Open To All Traffic’ (BOATs). Hopefully the programme of reform resulting from the amendments will result in closure of BOATs to recreational motor vehicles.

People who would wish to drive their vehicles in these peaceful areas, should not be allowed to destroy and pollute – it is not as if they were being denied a right. They have thousands of miles available whereon they can drive their vehicles.

For myself I do drive a car, as do most of my friends. Apart possibly from London a car is almost a necessity. I also use it to get to me to some of these beautiful areas. Emphasis being on ‘to get me TO’ – and that’s where it should stop ! For some 50 years I have been an active rock climber, walker, and winter mountaineer.


Eric Robinson

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